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About Caregiving Angels - Senior care disability in Ottawa

Everyone, most especially our seniors and people with disabilities, should have the opportunity to live independently with dignity. Caregiving Angels care about your wellness and well-being. We can provide aid and assistance when needed, allowing you or your loved one to live peacefully in the comfort of your own home.

Everyone can benefit from a helping hand now and then, which is why we offer a wide range of personalized health and wellness services. Our services are designed to be fully customizable to your unique preferences – evolving as needed. And you can take comfort in knowing that if your needs happen to change, we’ll be able to accommodate them immediately.

We understand that it is not easy to let anyone just come in to your home, especially with uncontrollable factors such as COVID-19. Please be assured that we will not compromise the safety of our clients and team members. We take our job seriously to ensure that you, your loved ones and our caregivers are safe at all times. Trust is not easily earned, which is why we will do our best to communicate with you, respect your boundaries and care for your needs. We are hoping that with time, you can lean on us to help care for you and trust us that we will always put your wellness and well-being our utmost priority.

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Senior care disability in Ottawa.

Ontario Senior care disability.

Trust Us To Be There and Make Things Well Again

Caregiving Angels understand the importance of being close to family and living comfortably and independently as much as possible. We are available whenever and wherever you need us. Senior Care Disability Ottawa

WE'RE HIRING! senior care disability

During these extraordinary times, we need your expertise.
We are actively looking for new team members to fill positions for PSWs, HCAs and housekeepers. Join our supportive team that works to bring warmth of human connection to everyone they touch.

We take care of our people so they can care for your people.

Although our caregivers are unable to administer medications through injections, IV therapy, suppositories or force feeding by law, our caregivers can ensure that your loved ones are taking the proper medication at the suitable time in order to comply with doctor’s prescription. Our caregivers will be the extra set of eyes needed to ensure that you or your loved ones are safe while taking new medications, mixing medications or simply being there to provide comfort during this time.

Your aging loved one is likely in need of professional overnight care if they:

If one or more of the above apply to your loved one, understand that their needs exceed the care that a family member could provide. To keep your loved one safe in their home overnight, a professional caregiver, either a non-medical caregiver companion or a personal support worker, is needed, depending on their condition.